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1000 blank white cards

it's a card game. you make the cards.




--- QUILLEN LAND (archive)

The game of 1000 Blank White Cards was invented by Nathan McQuillen (Phoenix?) of Madison, Wisconsin. It was brought to Harvard by Aaron Mandel. The website was originally coded by Aaron Mandel and David Packer in 1995, and was rebuilt after falling into disrepair by Stewart King and Ben Lee in September, 1997. Currently maintained by Stewart King, if you can really call this "being maintained".

7.10.15 - (ten minutes later) haha ok i fixed the randomizers. they were broken for five years and i was like "oh man, they're broken, well, i can't deal with that right now." turns out the file path for the directory full of cards had just changed. one line of code. this is my life. anyway, they work now.

7.10.15 - all right i guess i've been in stasis for uhhh 15 years but i'm going to try to spruce this up a little bit. i just fixed a bunch of broken links. the randomizers are still broken, i need to find a good language to rewrite them in. give me a few days.

5.12.6 - what do you mean, three-year pause? hi. i just wanted to throw up a link to the wikipedia page. also fixed the broken links to nathan's site.

1.7.3 - sadly, i took a large collection of the best cards with me on the first leg of my world tour, then decided it was too heavy and not very useful and mailed it home from australia. that was last march. it still hasn't arrived. at least we have the scans, but it kinda sucks.

11.15.2 - sorry about all this domain trouble. this should be the permanent location. special thanks out to the previously-credited ben lee for pointing out that the randomizer was broken. it's fixed now. also i successfully redirected the yahoo link over here.

06.17.2 - also, and i should have mentioned this sooner, 1KBWC is listed in hoyle's now. no joke. 3rd revised and updated edition. they copied a fair bit of my text word-for-word, too. which is fine, but a little weird. (see geegaw's comment for quotation. ... dead link but i'll leave it for historical verisimilitude.)

06.17.2 - since even more seem to have sprung up, i'm going to try and put together a complete node list with links to all 1KBWC sites i can find, along with some attempt at making sense of the vectors. it probably won't be anything like complete until, again, i get back from belgium or wherever the hell this is.

also i fixed the links to quillen's site, which were all broken.

06.14.2 - apparently the game was featured in games magazine this month; i hear they even ran pictures of a bunch of the cards and stuff like that. i'm in some strange place right now - i think it's belgium, not sure - i'll try to figure out the details when i get home in about a month. somebody save a copy for me or something.

08.14.0 - i added a new version of the randomizer script, without the subtitles. (the coding was quite a strain.) while a lot of times the text is important because the card is scanned small or is simply illegible, i feel like other times it attracts the eyes away from the card itself, and disrupts the card's natural flow, the intended reading. try it, see if you like it.