These are some of the particularly good ones. Rotated occasionally.

Nathan McQuillen

Ye Olde Cheste of Booty

Yo-Ho-Ho, a Bottle of Rum, and 3 Free Turns

You didn't find out what it was until you'd paid for it. NO RETURNS. (-300)

This Elf makes you rub your genitals.

Toad's got needs.

PISSED ON by a Holy Man

"I breathe atmospheric gases, damn you!"
(500 pts)

Ben Kidwell

Rescue Sheep-Dog.

This old man, he played six, he played the xylophone on YO DICKS!

If you are an attractive young woman, I want you - I am eager, lusting, burning, needing - it is my nature. Call Ben @ (608) 238-7389

Ben Bridgman

A bitter, drug addicted Michael Dukakis yaks on your lawn. +5

Pardon my French!
"Merde." "Chapeau du merde." "Poontang."

Angry Amish
"Thou art a fucking idiot."
+100 Israeli pop points / -2 dollars

Ben Smith

Chairman Mao wins the poetry slam.

Francie Neville

Doesn't anyone realize that this game is all about veiled sexual tension? Quit fucking around and have a wild orgy!!

(take your clothes off for +200)

Aaron Mandel

A brief game of conkers during the LA riots.

There's trouble down at the plant!

Fuck Barn

Stewart King

the food chain.

The Viet Cong Are Masters Of Disguise

The monarch butterfly's false eyespots terrify many predators. +5000

Lisa Larson

Man, that is one hung jury. +500

They finally let you wear the tutu and you pee on the stage. -30

Here, fair maiden, I have a SCSI card for you. Goddammit, that vodka.

Myke Cuthbert

the Lord works in mysterious ways

no, you can NOT term-bill it.

Cindy Alvarez

controlled by ferrets

fish bowling!

Chloe Joan Lopez

your hand really is talking to you
-100 unless you're already insane.

put litter in its place.

Chris Corsale

Win a dream date with Chewbacca.

Man, i wish i could've gone to woodstock, but my
ride crapped out. Man, it musta been a STONE GROOVE