where fries come from.

1000 blank white cards

known nodes and unknown nodes

a lot of times people will write in telling me that they're playing the game. this is cool, so i made a list.

quillen's site (madison, WI, USA)
the game began with quillen and his gang of young-ruffian friends, most of whom were named ben, back around the turn of the nineties sometime. he tells the story himself on the site. site is now offline, this is an archive.org copy.

this site (cambridge, MA, USA)
aaron mandel introduced the game to his high-rent university chums around 1994-95; aaron and dave packer made the original website, which was hosted on the late lamented dunster house unix machine, funster. they (i have no idea which one of them) came up with the idea of a randomized card server, which has since become ubiquitous, and coded the first one by cannibalizing a guestbook script dave had written earlier in the year in his excitement at learning perl.

after two years the site was languishing a bit - randomizer script broken, no new cards added in an age - so ben (!) lee and i took it upon ourselves to spruce it up in 1997.

around 2000 i finally convinced yahoo to list it under "card games", at which point things really began to hop, thanks in part to the fact that, since the name of the game begins with '1', it shot straight to the top of the alphabetical list.

seattle electric grimmeldeck (seattle, WA, USA)
of course microsoft had to get a piece of the action. this is actually a direct offshoot of the cambridge group, where nina, james and several different michaels wound up after graduating.

zannah (seattle, WA, USA)
the ever-vigilant zannah picked up on it around the time of the yahoo listing.

corngolem.com (nebraska, USA)

bob (boston university, boston, MA, USA)

blog (i have no idea who this is)

boardgamegeek forum

jestercard's flickr set